OCT 2016 – We just got nominated for the Pure Talents Exhibition & Contest during IMM Cologne 2017. Our coat hanger "Hello, Goodbye" will be shown at the fair from January 16 - 22.

SEP 2014 — During the Garden Unique Contest as part of the spoga+gafa Cologne 2014 the Beta chair convinced the Jury as well as the audience and we are happy about two first prizes! Watch the interview with Dustin Jessen after the award ceremony.

JUN 2014 — We are proud to announce that we got nominated by the German Design Council for the Newcomer Award as part of the German Design Award 2015.


Selected Projects


JUN 2014 — Polo is a conceptual office chair that provides just as much comfort and support as necessary. Instead of supporting every single move the chair encourages you to move yourself to prevent muscular atrophy from too much sitting. The base for instance is not equipped with wheels and forces you to walk, rather than roll, from one place to another. The design process was informed by questions like: How could the design of an office chair raise the awareness about the importance of sitting and encourage people to identify with their office chairs? Could an office chair evoke the same aspiration for performance like a bicycle? A product which is customizable, repairable, standardized, and last but not least, sustainable. Hence, the seat is constructed like a bicycle’s saddle and its breathable suspension mesh distributes your weight evenly to eliminate pressure points and heat buildup. As chairs that promote alternative sitting concepts often come across as rather “medical” and their acceptance in offices seems to be relatively low, we aimed to design a saddle chair that blends into the common formal language of offices. Yet, a completely new chair typology evolved.

The project was supported by K+R Textil.


JUN 2014 — The hat COIF#001 was developed in collaboration with the designer Julia Georgallis and it represents the first item of the Collection of Industrial Fashion (COIF). Our focus was on the classic industrial way of producing hats, like top hats or bowler hats. During the industrial revolution Luton was - with about 600 hatters - the center of the British hat making industry, nowadays only a handful of them are left. In dialogue with hat maker Philip Ian Wright and the hat block makers from Boon & Lane we designed a contemporary hat informed by the possibilities of production. The project is documented in a film by photographer Philip White.

In collaboration with Julia Georgallis.


SEP 2013 — The Beta chair is a lightweight, stackable outdoor chair whose construction was informed by exploring the possibilities of replicating folded paper forms in sheet metal. This idea was further developed through a collaboration with the experts from the London-based company Robofold Ltd. who developed a special technique of 3-dimensionally folding sheet metal with industrial robots. For the final body, a 2mm thin aluminum sheet is cut and milled by a CNC machine. The milled V-shaped grooves enable curved foldings, resulting in a surprisingly organic and comfortable metal seat shell. The foldings give the seat shell its characteristic shape and stability. Attaching the legs to the seat shell with rivets creates a constructive and formal unit without any welds. As the legs are made from standard 1x1 inch aluminum square tubes Beta chair is entirely made from aluminum, bringing the total weight of it to just 2.8 kg.

In collaboration with Robofold Ltd.


SEP 2011 — The chair Donald was developed in the context of a graduation project at Folkwang UdK and in cooperation with the plywood company Becker Brakel. Two mutually reinforcing elements are connected by the use of industrial velcro and form a constructive and formal unit. The unusual connection reduces assembly costs, offers easy disassembly and a strong construction. Certain coloring of the elements either underlines or reduces the visual duality of the chair. As we see a chair most of the time from its back, this view got special attention in the design process. Donald is ecological and efficient to produce and compact stackable.

In collaboration with Becker Brakel.

Maschinen malen Möbel

JAN 2011 — As part of the collective milz we represented the Folkwang University of the Arts at the imm Cologne 2011. The concept of our booth was “Maschinen malen Möbel” (machines draw furniture). Every exhibit on show was drawn by a robotic arm based on human proportions. The furniture and lighting designs were photographed and a self-programmed algorithm transformed the photo into a line drawing. The visitors began to compare the drawings with the objects and examined the machines and the exhibits. The unique drawings were given away for free as flyers. The characteristic - almost human - style of the drawings emerged from the construction of the robotic arm. Two servomotors formed the hinges which made it possible to reach every point on the paper. A third motor dropped and lifted the pen. The booth was designed to serve as an area for communication and presentation. It combined the schools of photography, graphic design, interface design and industrial design in an interactive and communicative way, and won the d3 schools award for the “Best Communication Concept 2011”.

In collaboration with milz.


JAN 2011 — While exploring the possibilities of splitting and bending aluminum tubes, one principle turned out to be a promising way of creating a T-joint. A tube is split in two halves which are bend open into opposite directions and joined by another half tube to create two axes. This naturally appearing joint allows Al’s light cone to be controlled intuitively along these axes.


JAN 2010 — Alpha is based on the thought that it should be possible to fold sheet steel just like paper. Setting out from the two-dimensional surface to the three-dimensional seat shell, the first mock-ups were made from paper and cardboard. Later the foldings were transformed into 1:1 models made from sheet metal. The 1.5 mm thin sheet material is cut and perforated by a laser. The perforation makes folding possible without employing expensive tools. It is from the folding that the seat shell gets its characteristic shape and stability. After the folding process the sheet metal is powder-coated. Screwing the legs - made from identical oak profiles - to the seat shell produces a constructive and formal unit from metal and wood. When designing the seat shell the goal was to keep the number of surfaces as few as possible. Despite its polygonal design Alpha is surprisingly comfortable, and furthermore, stackable.


A selection of press articles about our work. To view an article please click on the cover.


Philipp Hermes and Dustin Jessen have been working as a team ever since they met in 2006 during their BA studies of Industrial Design at Folkwang University of the Arts (UdK) in Essen, Germany. While Philipp interned at GRO Design, Dustin studied for one term at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009/10. After graduating with honors from Folkwang UdK in 2011, winning both VDID Newcomer Award and NWW Design Award, they worked at Studio Eric Degenhardt in Cologne.

At the end of 2012 Philipp Hermes enrolled in the MA program Furniture and Interior Design at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule in Halle while Dustin Jessen began to study Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London, where he also did an internship at Industrial Facility. They both graduated in 2014 and soon after reunited in Cologne to set up Hermes/Jessen Industrial Design (HJID).

From the office in Cologne HJID works for clients like BASF, Kusch+Co or Folkwang UdK. HJID has recently been nominated for the Newcomer Award 2015 as part of the German Design Award.





Nominated for
Pure Talents Award
IMM Cologne 2017

Special Mention
15th Andreu World International Design Contest 2015

Nominated for
German Design Award
Newcomer 2015

Garden Unique Contest
SpogaGafa Cologne 2014

2nd Prize
NWW Design Award 2012

MCBW Award 2012

VDID Newcomer Award 2011

D3 Schools
Best Communication Concept
IMM Cologne 2011

4th International
Marianne Brandt Contest


JAN 2017 — Pure Talents Contest / IMM

JAN 2015 — Lehrstuhlparade / IMM

SEP 2014 — Big.Small. Exhibition / London Design Festival

AUG 2014 — Youngstar Award / SpogaGafa

JUN 2014 — RCA Final Show

APR 2013 — Austrian Design Details

JUN 2011 — DMY Festival

MAY 2011 — VDID Newcomer Award / Interzum

JAN 2011 — D3 Schools / IMM

OCT 2010 — Interieur

SEP 2010 — 4. Marianne Brandt Preis

SEP 2010 — Cumulus Conference World Expo

JAN 2010 — D3 Schools / IMM

JAN 2008 — D3 Schools / IMM

OCT 2006 — Entry 2006 / Zeche Zollverein